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[HELP] Dell inspiron 15 7577

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On 10/29/2018 at 3:12 AM, OlegZ said:

There is an update on the situation. I had kernel panic and it turned out that in Clover command line I had nv_disable=1 and debug=100 without dashes. Anyway, when I added dashes I did not receive kernel panic but also I did not see any picture but I could hear sound coming and notebook reacting to key presses. Also I had this messages saying that GPU initialized and works.

Now when in Mac OS I can still see 2 adapters and I can see that Intel 630 has only 32 MB of VRAM. Kext is not loaded.

Ethernet works, sound works, touchpad works, Bluetooth even works, all USB ports work.

Jake, could you instruct me what must be done in this situation?

Thank you in advance.




Can you upload your full folder please.

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