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[HELP] Latitude 5480 HS


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HI all


bios 1.8.1 lowest, highest 1.8.2  there are no others 

intel hd 630

i7 - 7820HQ


loading the system ends with a black board with the word  Waiting for DSMOS 


I used this solution but it did not help.





What information can I still give to get help?



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Yes it is installed I had a previously prepared usb for another E6530 laptop and the first time everything went well, the touchpad worked while installing the camera, LTE modem and graphics not in full mode but two monitors did not check HDMI. No network card and wifi (must be replaced). I started looking for a solution for the graphics of the network card and everything went wrong, I can not recreate the settings.

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Loader OK 


eth OK 

Graph OK 

Keyborad OK 

Touchpad NO  (external mouse). touch hangs after a while, unlocks and hangs again, just a mouse on usb 

Bluethoth NO 

WIFI (waiting for replacement)


Sound NO

Sleep HALF he falls asleep but you can not wake him up

FN + brightness (+ -) hangs the entire system

YouTube no starting video

I will make an update to 10.13.3
after update 10.13.3
after update
A loudspeaker icon has appeared, I can see that the microphone works, but there are no sounds in the speakers.
The eth cable must be plugged in before the system starts. Connecting the cable after startup does not start the network card the card is in off mode.
Power Managemnt
Sleep falls asleep but you can not wake up.
Batery Management OK, Night ship OK
Intel 630
Changing the browser to chrome still does not work video.
The external monitor has stopped working, but when the system with the monitor is started, only the external moniker works and the touchpad works without errors
HDMI - connecting the cable with the operating system suspends the laptop. HDMI does not work at all.
SD Reader does not work.
What can I check and describe?
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I discovered another interesting relationship.

attaching a second monitor is there a black screen but the touchpad works properly and the Fn + Brightness combinations do not suspend the system after unplugging the monitor the same combination suspend system and the touchpad stops working.
and sorry for poor English
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