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Optiplex 3050 High Sierra


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System specs

Dell optiplex 3050

Bios versio 1.7.9

Core I3 7100 (7th gen)/3.9 ghz dual core

Intel 250 express

Intel HD graphics 630 working with no fake id's and no injections

4gb DDR4 2400 mhz

500gb HD Sata

Realtek RTL8168H/8111H Gigabit Ethernet 


Create High Sierra USB and add attached clover folder to esp


Bios Setting

System configuration >SATA Operation>AHCI
disable wake from usb device if you have issues with the system turning back on after shutdown.


Exit >F12 once you see dell logo screen

If you do not see your usb device

You will have to add it as a boot option in 

General>Boot sequence>boot list option>add boot option






Display port

sound in head phone port and internal speaker


Not working: 

HDMI audio

rear audio port



MacOS 10.13.4 Switched to SMBios 18,1 with 18,2 I could not get rid of the display glitch issue.

Optiplex 3050 OS 10.3.3 EFI.zip


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I had appleAlc.kext loaded already and HDAS to HDEF patch as well, going through a bunch of ID's and nothing is working, 13 did not work


with your fake ID settings, system freezes on the apple logo, did not use verbose to see error, i know if i use ig-platformid you listed video will have 7mb for memory,

with the one for hd530 i get more ram.

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Graphics is working now.

I removed the fake id and ig-platform id (left blank)

unchecked inject intel

selected disablegfxfirmaware


in kext>other folder,  i have Lilu and Intelgraphicsfixup.kext, also have intelgraphicsdvmtfixup.kext, not sure if that one is doing anything.


no glitching now and about this mac reads as follows

Intel HD graphics KBL CRB 1536mb



EFI folder attached



Now i need to get sound working

Optiplex 3050 10.3.3EFI.zip

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LOL, you just beat me to it. I was going to suggest letting Clover automatically inject since it's natively supported now.

IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup.kext is not needed if you have set the DVMT pre-alloc in the BIOS using EFI shell. Giving that you're able to boot previously without it, it's safe to say you could leave it out.


As for audio, make sure to enable the following under ACPI Fixes






Under Patches, not sure it's needed, but I also have change GFX0 -> IGPU

Under Devices, use audio inject 3, 13 or 17, my 7040 works with 13

Under Arbitrary, create the following

  • PciAddr* = 00:1b:00
  • Comment = HDA Audio
  • Key* = hda-gfx
  • Value* = onboard-1

FYI, instead of dropping BGRT tableID, use FixHeaders instead

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