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latitude d630 x3100


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wow, what a nightmare! if it's not using the close lid-sleep trick it's no sound.

what a mess i have here, i'm surprised it boots at all!

i tried your package on my 630 to no avail; it worked great with my 420s, but it's been no go on the 630.

got it running 10.6.3 using iFail (i know, it's a distro and it's slow as molasses booting but it got me there).

first boot ran slic's 3100 pkg. ran and booted better.

so i updated to 10.6.5 one combo update at a time.

everything cool, booted fine then i updated to 10.6.6 combo.

now it won't boot with anything except pirate_efi in safe mode. (oh and a "-v -x arch=i386")

tried running multifail with a dsdt made from dsdtgui, no go.

anyway, i'm not so newb i didn't make a timemachine backup for each step along the way, so i have a goofy question.

in safe mode only the most basic kexts or whatever are loaded right?

well wouldn't THAT be the most efficient as well as fast system for these hacks?

so if a guy was to b/u a safemode boot and restore it via timeline, wouldn't that be the best build for that particular machine?

i don't know very much about the technical stuff, i'm just thinking out loud.

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Have to agree with you mate.


I am having a similar night-mare with my own D630 and Intel 1440x900 graphics.


Sadly, I am a noob tho and have only just managed to get an install onto USB as I never had access to a real Mac or a working Hack Mac hehehe.


What I can't work out is that if I boot from a boot CD designed for 1440x900 the screen works fine, but if I boot from any other CD, all I get is "At Best" 1280x800....


I figure it's to do with the DSDT file and I have tried placing a copy of it all over the place but I haven't managed to find the right place yet..

I tried editing the chameleon boot loaded with the config tool but that didn't seem to change anything either.


I am now even thinking of swapping the lid of my Intel 630 onto a Nvidia 630 I have to see if I can make it work properly. Only thing stopping me is the intel 630 has a really nice 2.5 Core 2 Duo in it and the Nvidia one only has a 2.0 C2Duo so I'd end up swapping the CPU as well. No big issue as they are easy to take apart but I didn't wanna go to such extreme levels. (Would prob be a better machine for it at the end of the day tho so maybe it's worth the extra hassle - Cant be any worse than what i have at the moment)


....... anyhow, those are my "Loud" thoughts, and they are on your side if that helps hehehe......





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my 2 cents worth, swap the CPU and the lid. as far as not having access to a real mac, i'd guess you're pretty much stuck using a distro (i think) good luck with that, they can be a real pain but i've had to use them with my 630 to do lion. but however you get there, run edp 2.1 before you reboot from the install. then boot with your install image until to get to the utilities menu, open Disk Utility, repair the disk as well us update the boot sectors, repair permissions. quit the installer, reboot with your installer, pick you freshly repaired install verbose and wala!

install chameleon and you should be good to go.

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