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Dell Precision M6800 Installation [noob]

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I haven't been apart of the Hackintosh community for a while, but I want to give it a try on my laptop. Here are the specs and my situation. I want to use the laptop's internal display and the discrete NVIDIA graphics. I haven't even had a chance to install the MacOS... I know such a noob!


Dell Precision M6800 17"


Intel Core i7-4700MQ 2.4GHz - Haswell


DW1550 Bluetooth 4.0 LE

SK hynix SH920 256GB SSD

PNY CS1311 240GV SSD

Intel HD Graphics 4600 - Haswell

NVIDIA Quadro K3100M

Dell Wireless 1550 802.11ac


Bios version A23


BIOS set to Legacy

SATA set to ACHI

Secure Boot OFF

Virtualization OFF

TM Security OFF

Graphics Switching OFF - Set to discrete only



I can get to the Clover EFI boot screen.

I choose Install Mac OS High Sierra



I add flag -v

CRASH - scrambles display


I add nv_disabled=1

CRASH - scrambles display

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Post the Clover folder


boot with verbose + debug 0x100 mode so you could see where it crashed without restarting

post screenshot


Oh, you should use UEFI if able to

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I want to follow your install guide, but the problem is 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 are no longer downloadable in the Mac App Store. However, I was able to download the latest 10.13 High Sierra. It would only download a container file that did not represent the entire installation. I resolved this by downloading 'macOS High Sierra Patcher'. It allows you to receive the actual full installer from Apple directly. So now as I follow the USB guide there are many discrepancies as I try to follow along because the 10.13 installation file directories are vastly different from previous builds. I think we can build a new installation guide together! PS the ShowHiddenFiles app is definitely needed.

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Well now that I am all set up, everything works fine first boot then after I want to confirm everything works and now the USB mouse fails... I can’t win lol.

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I am just adding helpful KEXT / My Clover folder for High Sierra 10.13.4 here for the Dell Precision M6800 with the NVIDIA K3100M 4GB Graphics Card with the fix for blank/black screen included. CLICK THIS --> Dell M6800 Kext

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