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Unable to install High Sierra on my E7270 [touchscreen]


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Hi everyone, I'm new here and struggling on the High Sierra installation with my E7270, here is the hardware spec:


CPU: i7-6600U with HD520

Memory: 16G (2*8) 2133MHz DDR4

DISK:  360G Intel M2 SATA3


I follow the instruction here  but get no luck, I can see  the apple icon and the installation continued for 60-70% but switch to the black screen, try to switch to verbose but still the same. I have posted my EFI zip file and highly appreciate if any one could check my plist file and kext if anything is no correct. Thank you in advance. I have been fighting for 5 days.


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Thank you Jake, I tried and tried different thing from what I can find in the forum. Yes, I forgot to mention that my 7270 got a FULL HD touch IPS. and bios has been upgrade to 1.17.5

I take a picture before the screen turned to black suddenly. I may not be the last picture but very close.

Appreciated if you or anyone could take a look at this EFI. :-P





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i have almost the same Device. But with an i5 and now Bios 1.18.5 but with touchscreen.


I had a lot of issues with the EFI Folders in the Guide Section but Jake Lo helped me out. Try the DSDT and SSDTs Jake Lo attached here




and use the last EFI Folder I attached. If it doesn't work, you might upgrade the bios to 1.18.5 then it should be working. I guess the difference between i5 and i7 aren't a problem - but im still a beginner too so im not 100% sure.


My e7270 works fine. I have just a few issues with the brightness control. 


Hope that helped

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Mmm,it's not working. 

1. I upgraded bios to 1.18.5

2. installation stucked at the Unsolid.hpp and I remove the kext file from /Clover/kexts/Other

3. Next installation stucked at here. I have no idea if this was caused by the CPU since I heard the cpu fan was noisy.



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Try resetting BIOS to Load Defaults, Apply.

Reboot to BIOS again, set config as follows:

  • UEFI
  • AHCI
  • Legacy Option ROMs disabled
  • TPM disabled
  • Secure Boot Disabled
  • CPU XD Support Enabled


Try again. If still fails, boot to Clover menu. Hit F4. 

Compress and attach /EFI/Clover/ACPI/Origin folder here for patching

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