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[SOLVED] E5470 High Sierra installer error 701


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This is where I'm (around) 30 seconds after I select disk target:    com.apple.OSInstallerSetup.error 701


OS Installer Setup error 701


Please note: I never see the expected "time to finish" count and below are the files on the target disk


/.HFS+ Private Directory Data?
/macOS Install Data
/macOS Install Data/index.sproduct
/macOS Install Data/Locked Files
/macOS Install Data/Locked Files/.disk_label
/macOS Install Data/Locked Files/.disk_label.contentDetails
/macOS Install Data/Locked Files/.disk_label_2x
/macOS Install Data/Locked Files/Boot Files



Now the technical part:


Dell Latitude E5470 bios 1.18.6
Mobo: Dell 0VHKV0 (A0) (no trackpoint)
CPU: Skylake i5-6300U
Ram: 1*8GB DDR4 2133MHz
Graphics: HD520 GT2 1920x1080
Storage: SSD SATA 512Go MX100 Crucial (2.5")

Clover EFI r4439 with OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi


Dual boot EFI W10 + Ubuntu


Bios setup: Legacy + VT X + Serial + Parallel = Disabled


With working Sierra VM I setup usb boot key using High Sierra 10.13.4 Install Media as source


Inside EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/

FakeSMC.kext/  from RehabMan-FakeSMC-2018-0403.zip

IntelGraphicsFixup.kext/ version 1.2.7

Lilu.kext/ version 1.2.3

VoodooPS2Controller.kext/ from RehabMan-Voodoo-2018-0418.zip


Inside EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI

apfs.efi from APFS_10.13.4.zip (size: 583480)

usual HFSPlus.efi (size: 24900)


config_HD515_520_530_540.plist from OS-X-Clover-Laptop-Config-master.zip as config.plist


My previous problem: what ever I tried with Clover Configurator I always ended with KP at first boot until I change ig-platform-id with 0x16160002

dunno if it's good or not, expected value should be 0x1916 based from my cpu i5 6300U HD520 GT2, 0x19160000 / 0x19160002 ended with KP.


Now I can boot: no screen glitch in the installer place, I erase partition with hfsplus (journaled) format and select as target ending with error message you can see.


This my F4 ACPI folder  ACPI-origin.zip

and the Full EFI folder (including ACPI) EFI-Full-04202018.zip



Any idea are welcome, thank you for reading.

Good day.


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I update EFI/CLOVER folder with your zip: noticeable difference, screen a little more brighter, but sorry: same error message :(

can I provide some boot log file from clover to help ? (and how ...)



With unzip I see some error message like this one:


checkdir error:  cannot create kexts/Other/CopyTo:L:E
                 Invalid argument
                 unable to process kexts/Other/CopyTo:L:E/AppleBacklightInjector.kext/.


I expect it's file for a running system, I'm right ?

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Step (2)

Install Clover with following config, add appropriate Sierra bootpacks Only + Generic EFI from post #2 above

      ( See note1 below for updating bootpack for HS)


=> for appropriate Sierra bootpacks + updating bootpack for HS: I use the zip like this: Clover EFI (boot only + ESP + OsxAptioFixDrv-64) + your zip ?


If it's yes: same error message :(


interesting: command for converttoapfs NO give the same exact error in command line


ddrescue show me no badblock, since I only have usb 3.0 with laptop : for testing I use usb 2.0 from docking for format and boot test



I have spare MX200 256 M.2 sata ssd : I will check and let you know.

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Same error message with MX200 M.2 SSD :  empty before 1st format HFSplus, don't try to bypass apfs.


Before posting I search this error message with empty result :(


Last point: I check InstallESD.dmg checksum from 10.13.4 file after download.


Something to change with bios ?

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 Try going into Options when you see the Clover loader, use the right arrow to navigate
Select ACPI patching-> Tables Dropping->
Go all the way down and deselect Drop all OEM SSDT
Check all the Drop "SSDT-xx" below that
Select Return
Change DSDT name: BIOS.aml or anything other than DSDT.aml
Select Return, Return
Hit spacebar to select Verbose mode + debug 0x100 mode
What the above does is to not use the patched DSDT/SSDT if it's a BIOS dependent issue.
If it boots with that setting, then we could try exporting new raw file and I'll repatch them for you.

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