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E7250-5600u-1080P-Touch-Screen HS Sound & TouchPad won't work After sleep


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I applied same patch as you did (A17 BIOS), even use original yours, same issues.

This one I help my friend for Hackintosh, I have E7440 for myself, A22 BIOS did DSDT by my self in same way, it works great!

My E7440 works like real Macbook Pro for 2 years.

Below is the Patch I Apply

<1>. Fix Error, <2>. Add DTGP, Remove GLAN and HDEF _PRW, Fix SSDT Error

<3>.Apply USB Current, HDEF-ALC293 ID-0x0B, IGPU-0x06, 0x00, 0x26, 0x16 , B0D3->HDAU,

<4> Apply RP01->O2 Micro SD card reader RP04->DELL DW1830 BCM943602BAED 1300Mbps Wireless

<5>.Add IMEI, MCHC, Device (LIDP), and SMBUS


At First I use yours A17 EFI Original, I got this issue, Then I did DSDT & SSDT by myself, same problem.

Even I delete <5> applies, same issues.

Just few minutes ago, I checked BIOS setting, exactly as my E7440.


Get tired, need help.




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