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[SUCCESS] DELL LATITUDE E5430 non-vPro El Capitan


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Hi. I'm having trouble trying to install Mac OS X El Capitan on the Dell Latitude E5430 non-vPro. The Dell restarting before you even complete the startup of the installer. I used unifail 6.2.0
to generate the installer. I was able to install Mac OS High Sierra perfectly, however my Wifi card is no longer compatible with the system. It's a board that can be taken at iMac 2008. It BCM94321MC. So my preference for El Capitan. I'm sending my CLOVER folder that I use to boot via USB if I need to parse. Thanks any kind of help!

Sorry for my awful English. I'm brazilian.



Dell Latitude E5430 non-vPro
core i5 3320m

intel HD 4000 graphics





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Known issue for years. I had this posted in my Clover guide

 ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Notes3:

To prevent artifacts with HD 4000, the following models should not exceed BIOS A11. 

Downgrade to A02/A03 and then upgrade to A11 if it has exceeded: E6x30, E5x30

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