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Lenovo z51-70


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I have recently installed mojave os 10.14 on my lenovo z51-70

But I cannot get drivers for components 

If someone shows me simple guide or ready clover efi patches for that model 

I'd be thankful 

Drivers that I want:

1- graphics hd 5500

2- audio alc 236 not voodohda

3- brightness

4- sleep 

5- if there is way to install switchable amd r9 375m as second gpu!)


I have installed my wifi adapter usb .

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There are plenty of Z51-70 related threads in this section, I suggest you read them all.


No specific drivers for HD5500 iGPU or Sleep; those run on macOS provided kexts (drivers), it's a simple matter of settings. For graphics, just make sure you select the correct framebuffer layout-id in Clover and inject Intel graphics. For sleep, you need 2 x things: CPU power management fully in place + hibernation disable (you can consult our FAQ section for the latter). For power management, you need to activate KernelPm in Clover's Kexts & Kernel patches section and generate your CPU-specific SSDT using Pike R Alpha's ssdt generator tool.


There is no support for dual/switchable graphics on Hackintoshes because Apple implemented this using their own hardware/technology; so it's either/or. You'll have to see if that AMD dGPU is supported before anything else.


For audio, lookup the AppleALC wiki on the Net. You'll see that ALC265 codec is covered.


Brightness control will require PNLF DSDT/SSDT patching at minimum. You can look that up too.

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