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Running Linux applications in ChromeOS certainly bring a bunch of great features to ChromeOS - but what applications are worth checking out ? - Here we'll maintain a index of the best and most useful.

So far - it seems like the applications that scales best to higher DPI (at least on my Pixelbook is Gnome optimized applications)


Name Type Installation Notes
 Geary Mail client  1. Run apt-get install geary  Works great
VoIP/Chat  1. Get from https://www.skype.com/en/get-skype
 2. Run dpkg -i skypeforlinux-64.deb
 Gnome Software Center Repo  1. Run apt-get install gnome-software gnome-packagekit  Needs a reboot
 LibreOffice Office  1. Run apt-get install libreoffice  Change scaling to fit display
 Gimp Graphics  1. Run apt-get install gimp  Great for advanced editing 
Graphics  1. Run apt-get install pinta
 Much like MS-Paint, easy to use
 Firefox Browser  Read more here  
 Firefox esr Browser  1. Run apt-get install firefox-esr  

Browser  1. Get from https://vivaldi.com/download/
 2. Run dpkg -i vivaldi*.deb (installation will fail)
 3. Run apt-get -f install
 Iceweasel Browser  1. Run apt-get install iceweasel  
 Resilio Sync Sync  See this guide - Howto install resiliosync on Crostini  


 1. Get from https://atom.io/

 2. Run apt-get install atom-amd64.deb 
 3. Run apt-get -f install

 Deluge Torrents  Run apt-get install deluge  Great torrent client
 Visual studio code

IDE  1. Download from https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=760868
 2. sudo dpkg -i <file>.deb
 3. Run apt-get -f install

Chat  1. Download from https://slack.com/downloads/linux
 2. sudo dpkg -i <file>.deb
 3. Run apt-get -f install
 Brave browser Browser  Follow guide on: https://community.brave.com/t/installing-brave-inside-crostini/47142  



Crypto Currency tools      
 Exodus wallet Crypto wallet  Read more here  Seems to run quite nicely

Whats your favorite Linux applications ? - Leave a message

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