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Can't install High Sierra on Dell Inspiron 5458


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Good afternoon guys.

At some point I try to install the High Sierra on my 5458 inspiron with an Intel HD 5500 and Nvidia 920.

I have El Capitan and Sierra running fine.
But the High Sierra does not install at all.

I was able to reach this screen with the EFI folder that I downloaded in the post below:



Could you please help me?
I'm already thankful

@Jake Lo




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20 hours ago, Jake Lo said:

Inicialize com o Clover GUI, pressione F4 e depois F2

Agora comprima e anexe a pasta Clover para revisão.

Qual versão do BIOS está sendo executada?

Poste seu pacote de inicialização Sierra também para comparar

Guy, you saved me.
I had not thought it might be a BIOS version.

I upgraded to version A15 and installed it right.
Now I'll try to set everything up.

But they already work:

Audio OK
Video intel OK
Brightness OK

I'll be testing and updating here. I thank you for your help @Jake Lo

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