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  1. Please send it to me too. The DW1830 is very expensive for me. DW1820 is 2.4 and 5Ghz right !?
  2. Guy, you saved me. I had not thought it might be a BIOS version. I upgraded to version A15 and installed it right. Now I'll try to set everything up. But they already work: Audio OK Video intel OK Brightness OK I'll be testing and updating here. I thank you for your help @Jake Lo
  3. I made the substitution and continue with the same error. I tried with and without inject HD 5500
  4. Good afternoon guys. At some point I try to install the High Sierra on my 5458 inspiron with an Intel HD 5500 and Nvidia 920. I have El Capitan and Sierra running fine. But the High Sierra does not install at all. I was able to reach this screen with the EFI folder that I downloaded in the post below: Could you please help me? I'm already thankful @Jake Lo
  5. Hi guys. Sorry my english. Please!! I have the same configural settings as yours, but I can not boot. This error appears that I never saw. Could you help me with this?
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