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Ahmed Osama

Can't install High Sierra on Inspiron 5558 Broadwell

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I have been trying to install High Sierra on my Inspiron, but without success. After booting to clover then choosing the installer, it stuck on Apple logo, I tried again with verbose mode and I got error like this one:



I was following this guide, but I couldn't update the Sierra bootpack properly, I only made FirmwareFeatures=0xFC0FE137 and FirmwareFeaturesMask=0xFF1FFF3F . There is no FixHeaders nor USB port limit patches on clover configurator.

I used the generic EFI folder5558_920M-Disabled_A14.zip and Lilu.kext & IntelGraphicsDVMTFixup.kext .

Hardware specs:

CPU: i5-5200U

Audio: Realtek ALC3234

GPU: Nvidia 920m (disabled), Intel HD Graphics 5500

BIOS Version: A14


BTW, I installed Sierra without any problem by following the guide, a lot of things working, battery percentage, ethernet, keyboard hot keys, brightness control, touchpad gestures and multitouch. But audio and webcam aren't working.


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11 hours ago, Jake Lo said:

Try this

I stuck here.




6 hours ago, Hervé said:

If you use one of the latest versions of CC, you'll see the FixHeaders parameter in the ACPI tab.

I was using the latest version (


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directory is a mess, seeing duplicate SSDT and not see any related to Nvidia card.

Clear the Origin folder. Extract new Origin folder again for patching.

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Disabling Nvidia from BIOS caused weird problems, the Switchable Graphics checkbox disappeared next time I entered the BIOS settings to enable it, I reseted the BIOS to defaults hoping that it will fix the problem, and it fixed it, but windows boot manager disappeared from boot options (I have windows 10 installed), so I couldn't boot to windows, that was unhappy moment, but I boot to the USB and luckily there was an option there has "windows" with .efi file on it, but no "windows boot manager", I chose it and got to boot to windows, restarted the device, and windows boot manager was there again. 

So, is it possible to patch the files with Nvidia enabled? Thanks Jake for your time, I really appreciate it. 

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