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  1. i can't find any solution for this problem my bluetooth is not working inspiron 5558 OS: high sierra 10.13.6 cpu: i5 5200u intel HD 5500 my bluetooth was working fine on el capitan 10.11.4 but now on HS 10.13.6 is not working at all my curreny clover and ioreg file is attached and took screen shots of my bluetooth device working on windows 10 Appreciate Any Help Archive.zip
  2. @Jake Lo thanks so so so much i really appreciate your help
  3. installed high sierra first and windows 10 second on deferent partition how to dual boot ?
  4. hdmi audio output still not working and internal mic disabled
  5. IOReg with HDMI monitor connected @Jake Lo mido’s MacBook Pro.ioreg
  6. headphone still noisy still no HDMI audio output and the bluetooth device is intel I think
  7. sound is working now but headphone jack is noisy and no HDMI audio output and bluetooth not fixed the debug file is attached debug_19345.zip
  8. thanks so much @Jake Lo now installed the os what's working trackpad brightness control camera battery status Hdmi Not working sound ( no output device ) Bluetooth appreciate your help
  9. @Jake Lo did you see my clover , is there any chance to install High sierra agian ?
  10. actually i have formatted my drive and now can't install the os again because of this error ( legacy shim 2 )
  11. tried this config and booted from all usb ports but unfortunately same error
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