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[SOLVED] VGA & HDMI output on Lenovo Z70-80


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I want to know How to get the VGA and HDMI output on the Lenovo Z70-80 laptop with Core i7-5500, my graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 5500 with macOS HS 10.13.6


I read several guides to do it, but it's for Intel HD Graphics 3000 and I tried to do it for my graphics card, looking for similar values and replace them.


Where we should patch the AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext file


A few small examples are here 01 02 03


In another site I found a different file to patch that is AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext, and I searched and replaced the values and tried it with my macOS but nothing. This guide here


And finally I tried this KextsToPatch in my config.plist file


Name: AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB

Find: 01020400100700001007000005030000020000003000000002020500000004000007000000030400000004000009000000040600000004000009000000



commentary: HDMI + VGA


But nothing again ...


In my long adventure to try to make it work, I found different config.plist files to fix the functionality of my Intel HD 5500 graphics card, and I tried differents KextToPatch values, and with a bit of luck I found these values


Name: com.apple.driver.AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy

Search: BA050000 00

Replace: BA000000 00

Comment: prevent AGDP from loading


With the above values I can sync VGA & HDMI output automatically


VGA: In my ViewSonic VX1945wm  with 1440 x 900 res

HDMI: In Samsung TV UN32EH4500G with 1366 x 768 res (the worse resolution) and when I try to change to full HD I can but it has unfocused image, out of frame and with sound without volume control. My TV is  full HD native.


Please I need support from someone who could help me to fix this.


Thanks in advance.


PD. I attached my config.plist file and pictures


HDMI Output.png

Kexts Folder.png


VGA Output.png


I solved my issue here


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