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Dell E5450 High Sierra Install Issues


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Hello OSX Latitude, 

I recently bought an e5450,  with the intent to put HS on it. I followed the guide found here for Dells. I updated to BIOS A19, installed the broadwell intel graphics fix and lilu kexts went into /clover/kexts/others. I installed everything into the EFI partition of my MacOS High Sierra. I am setting this up via my D630, so I've got a "native" Mac to work with rather than VMWare, which I tried but it made things a bit weird.

Dell E5450
i5-5200U, HD 5500
8GB RAM (1x8GB)
DW 1560
E Port

During the install, it gets stuck after booting into Clover and launching the installer. I can run it with F4, but I don't know which file to attach. Thanks for your help OSXL





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That got me over that hurdle completely, typing this on 10.13.6 right now! Thank you very much!

As a general note, I tried setting up the install USB on VMware originally, the EFI partition would not show up as "EFI" but "No Name", so if anyone else runs into this issue and finds this topic, please keep that in mind.

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