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E7240-Mojave Installation Guide Needed


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SO am still getting a Kernel panic. When i use back my original clover folder before updating it it boots then restart like 10 seconds into it.  

Not sure as to why both of these issues are happening. 

At worst can the folder you attached above be used for a clean install as when i try it, the installer just hangs, I think something went wrong when using clover version 4.7 but i have no access to a mac atm so can't fix that. 

I have attached the new EFI folder and the original one to see if that can help find out whats causing the issues. 





Edit: At this moment, i'll perform a clean install. Can i have an EFI folder, please? I've already created the usb installer but don't have an OSX to install clover etc. So that will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 




New EFI.zip










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Hey guys i am getting a failed to get apfs boot error when i try to boot up i think my clover bootloader is corrupted but i am unable to reinstall clover. I am talking to you from my linux system


Can i just switch out the efi folder with a next one with the correct config.plist file 

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Yes, you can modify EFI partition form Linux or Windows (but be careful). Windows saved me from bricked macOS few times while doing some crazy experiments with my config and kexts.


Try with this EFI folder. Completely remove CLOVER, APPLE and BOOT folders from your EFI partition and use those. You should be able to see your APFS partition and probably to boot your system.


I replaced your Clover files and removed some things that you probably don't need from drivers64UEFI folder. I also replaced your config and kexts with those that Jake sent you.




I haven't checked your config, but if you were using config that Jake posted to you with kext that you had, that was doomed from start. Jake posted correct kexts needed by his config, so you need both of those.


EDIT: Almost forgot, please update your signature with your system specs in order to get better support in the future.

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On 10/10/2018 at 12:00 PM, razor1995 said:

Hi, I have Mojave installed on my E7240, and I'm using following kexts and drivers:

tQphO5l.png ccsKSZ6.png


If you want, I placed my guide for installing Mojave on E7240 here: https://www.hackintosh.com.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=29 

The guide is in Polish, but you can use translator if you want. In this guide I placed my Clover EFI folder, config and the drivers I used for.




Thanks for your post. However, I was not be able to boot with your CLOVER.

I stuck on the Apple logo with 50% progress.

You wrote in the end that you will update CLOVER image, however I did not find an updated image. Can you make it? Maybe this can fix my problem


Upd: Clover image should be overwrited with additional files, then it boots

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13 hours ago, Jake Lo said:

Replace the files into /EFI/Clover and try again

Yes, it works! Magic! 

I have installed it. All is great except WiFi module :(


My WiFi module is 

Dell Wireless 1601 802.11 a/g/n Adapter 



I have found this thread, however I am still not sure is there any chance to make it work in Mojave?

How can I try it? Can someone help me? Thanks in advance


Vendor  Model       Format    Ven-Dev    Chip       Rate     Si HS Mj  OOB  Kext (driver)

Dell     DW1601        ½Min PCIe   168c-0034   AR94621       A/B/G/N/AD  Y  ?  *    N    (=AR5B22)

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I have tried to modify AirPortAtheros40.kext and to add ID of the card



Then I put it to /Library/Extensions/ and made a cache rebuild - no luck :( 

sudo chown -R root:wheel /L*/E*; sudo chmod -R 755 /L*/E*; sudo kextcache -i /

sudo chown -R root:wheel /L*/E*; sudo chmod -R 755 /L*/E*; sudo kextcache -i /

I also tried this kext with no luck too :( 

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it?


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