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[SOLVED] E7450 - High Sierra - Security update


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Hi everyone,

My laptop E7450 run OSX HighSierra very Well, thank to Jake Lo and his awesome and very usefull guide.

But recently I had a security update from apple and I don't know how to handle it !

I have downloaded the update et restarted my computer, but after that I had a new icon on the Clover launcher "Install OSX from SSD".

I didn't launch OSX with that but just as usually and so I'm not sure about what to do, because OSX continues to propose to me the same update and I'm a little bit afraid to do a bad manipulation...

If you could give me some advices, I'll be very thankfull!

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I had the same update and I noticed, as yours, a first reboot without success but a second one with everything that has gone ok.

I think that the security update can be related to command line tools. In order to prevent any accident, keep a bootable USB drive with you (i.e. the installer macOS should be fine, with updated clover and EFI folder). You should not encounter problems.


Keep us updated!




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Thanks for yours answers !

I did as Jake said and it worked fine, although I was anxious during the long black screen :D

Just a remark, after the update was finished and the system restarted, I needed to restart a second time because my cursor disappeared when an application was launched. Now all is fine ! :)

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