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Latitude 7480 - install Mojave

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Hello my Dear Friends!

Many thanks @Jake Lo @catmater @#tamara

I have install OSx Mojave in DELL Latitude 7480 (7600U, Intel HD620, NVME SSD Samsung 970EVO, Touchscreen):
Full work:


- Video (HDMI with audio)

- Sound (ACL256)

- Wifi (with DW1830)

- USB (with type-c)

- Ethernet

-Touchscreen (1 finger)

Parted work:

- Sleep mode. Hackintosh - fully power off if you choose sleep mode. Partly sleep - if you close your laptop.

- Touchpad - work only two fingers. Can't change mouse speed.

- Brightness control (only default bright or full brightness)

Not work:

-  WWAN DW5811e (Sierra EM7455)

- sound at headphone jack

- thunderbolt

- CardReader (Realtek RTS525A)

My configuration DELL7480.zip

PS1: Change "Rt variables", "SMBIOS", "Custom UUID" for your system.

PS2: when you will installing Mojave from usb flash change "Rt variables" CsrActiveConfig to 0x0"Rt variables"

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I'm just starting my hackintosh of a 7480 too, but I'm stuck right after the install finishes. 


I have no keyboard or touchpad at all, no sound, for starters :) Ethernet is fine, wifi is not but I guess it's normal (so is bluetooth) if I have an IntelWireless Card.


Do you still have the instructions on how you managed to do yours ?


Thanks !

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