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E6400 Audio & Wifi

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Hello. I have successfull Install OS X Yosemite 10.10.0 on my Dell E6400.



Intel Core 2 Duo 2,53ghz p8600  3mb Cache 

Nvidia NVS 160m


idt Audio 

4gb ram @ 800mhz 


Have a question. 


1. can Combo Update to 10.10.5?

2. Heating issued but when FN Lshift 15234 CPU Fan high No issued (GPU Temperatur are 60-70 degress.

3. Sound are From time to time stuttering

4. Have a Intel WiFi Link 5100 is a kext aviable or Methode to Work ? 

5. Is a kext For SD-HC Module aviable? 


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1. Yes

2. Make sure you've got CPU power management + GPU throttling properly setup/fully tuned. See here (if using Chameleon) and here.

3. Could be linked to incorrect CPU SpeedStep/power management

4. No support whatsoever for Intel cards. Consult our non-exhaustive inventory in R&D section for alternatives.

5. Please identify the make and model/PCI ids of your card reader 1st.

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Now have a new half mini pci wifi card with AR9285 Chip and now my wifi is good.

Sound fixed by new fakesmc and bus speed in clover...

SD Card fix i try it

but 1think when click hypernate doesnt turn off ...

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