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EFI Folder For 10.14.0 USB?


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So. I have a Mojave 10.14.0 DMG to put on my USB. But. Something in the EFI folder is preventing the computer from continuing. So, Does anyone have a EFI folder for 10.14.0 i can use?

10.14.2 is basically broken. I can't restore it. So this DMG is my best bet. And Windows is preventing me from taking the Current EFI in the USB.

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Let's be clear here. This is for E7240? 

since you don't have it in your signature, I'll just have to guess.

Go into your BIOS. Set to Load Defaults. Apply.

Then go back to set in 

  • UEFI
  • Enable Legacy Options ROMs
  • AHCI
  • Secure boot Off
  • XD Support enable

Boot with verbose mode, so you see what's going on. 

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