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How to enable HiDPI (user 1600x900)


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I have a e7470 like you, running scaled resolution Retina likely same reason as you. The default fonts are too small at out of box 1080 resolution.


I am running mojave, scaled resolution (retina) 1440 x 810, look at my screenshots for reference. In the past I used a slightly larger resolution for larger font and I find it's still a tiny small but a far better solution than stock.


I am not sure if you can make it show up in the "System Preferences" 


Do you have any other issues on your e7470?

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 2.22.22 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 2.23.07 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 2.23.30 PM.png

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