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E6220 Help Please


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Hi all, I have tried again installing High Sierra on my Dell e6220 i5 as previous versions constantly froze. I am now using Herve's guide and EFI which seems stable but I cannot get sound. I have tried Lilu, whatevergreen and additional Kext but cannot get them to load (green dots on all other kexts) but no sound. please cold someone assist many thanks


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Your Clover config and patched ACPI tables are Ok, but your kexts folder is a mess. You've mixed AppleALC with patched AppleHDA (it's either/or), installed multiple PS2 controller kexts, multiple LAN kexts, multiple audio fix kexts, etc.


Give patched AppleHDA a try since the binary patch is already configured in your Clover config. This requires:

1) vanilla AppleHDA in /S/L/E

2) dummy IDT92HD90 kext


Then, remove:

  • AppleALC kext
  • EAPDFix kext
  • and make sure you use the latest CodecCommander kext


Other things to do:

  • LAN: only use AppleIntelE1000 or IntelMausiEthernet, not both. Either will do fine for the Intel 82579LM LAN card.
  • PS2 controller: keep R6 and delete the other.
  • Delete your PostInstall folder, forget about that.
  • Ignore the Copy_to_LE folder for the time being.
  • Unless you have an add-on USB3.0 ExpressCard (in the EC slot), you can delete the GenericUSBXHCI kext; the E6220 has no USB3 controller/ports.



NB: Green -or other colour- dots are just labels you apply on files to visually distinguish them.


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