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DELL Latitude E7440 eGPU

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I would be interested to know that you can work on your Dell Latitude E7440 laptop under Mojave with the following EXP GDC:


I would like to use a GTX1060 or 1070 card.

Thank you in advance for your answers!

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How do you actually connect the mini-PCIe cable? You keep the laptop's under cover off? Or you make a hole in it? That's certainly is a cheap solution for eGPU but quite a DIY job, isn't it? How about power for the graphics card?


Regarding graphics card, please note that there is no support in Mojave for Pascal-based models such as those you mentioned, lack of Web Driver oblige. You can only use those cards up to High Sierra. If you wanted an eGPU under Mojave, you'd have to consider AMD and models such as RX 5x0 or Vega models for instance.


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