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Dell D830 nvidia majove clover pack


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19 hours ago, hassan9311 said:

[...] i searched hard for Majove installation guides  on this site found nothing about it .


It's not entirely true, it was specified during the beta phase for the D630 nVidia... And you've not mentioned the necessary patching or replacement of the telemetry plugin, nor the need to install Tesla graphics kexts from, say, High Sierra.


You may want to add what's been called "hybrid transparency" in Mojave light mode...



Beware, OpenGL-only graphics acceleration for non-Metal GPUs is said to be unachievable from 10.4.4... On this basis, it's best to stick to High Sierra on those old platforms, only partially supported by Mojave and only with tricks at each installation and update.

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Hi herve , I originally made this pack based on your efforts previously to how you remotely created a solid kext pack on the dell m4400 if you recall ? also the dsdt is from your work taken from the sierra kext pack you made for enoch based installation method ,If you log on my laptop via team viewer as you have previously many times i can assure you this will impress you , The cpu i use is a x9000 intel extreme based with 8gb of ram also original apple wireless card so on , The smoothness and light or dark both work perfectly no gpu issues infact i even tested games or plugged a blu ray drive And all ran smooth no glitches lags or delays , If you can be kind enough message me log on the laptop take a peek see if there is improvements that can be done and would be pleased to see this kext pack available to all for usage . Sadly i dont have your skills Herve and offer your approval and if any more tweaking or enhancements can be done that would be appreciated . 


Kind regards

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