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Lenovo Z51-70 Sleep wake up blank screen issue [Mojave]

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Hmmm...another Niresh Distro.

You have not power management with NullCPUPowermanagement.kext installed.

GenericUSBXHCI is useless since Yosemite or even older.

You debug files are incomplete. Missing Clover folder. IOReg file is raw...hard to read.

Rerun it without interruption, make sure all files are there before attaching

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I don't like Distro cuz they add so much unnecessary kexts and no idea what was taken out / hacked to make it work.

Remove these from /L/E:








Remove these from Clover Kexts:










There's so much inconsistency, you don't have DSDT.aml in the current EFI Folder yet you added on the 1st post

iMac14,2 in SMBIOS is wrong for a laptop in the Config file, but the IOREg file attached shows iMac16,1. So confusing because all the Config files in your Clover folder, none were set to iMac16,1.

I suggest you change it to MBP12,1 for Broadwell. That's what it shows in IOReg file which makes me wonder why would you have a Kabylake kext (AppleIntelKBLGraphicsFramebufferInjector_3e9x.kext) added to Clover kext....


Repair permissions and rebuild cache

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Debug file is still incomplete, no clover folder. Kextcache log is empty.

Are you still having sleep issue? 

You didn't add a question or statement.

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Hello @Jake Lo I reinstall the os using vanilla method but the results are same sleep is totally broken in mojave, 

I don't understand what's going wrong

"System is waking from sleep but no display output"


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