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  1. Hello @Jake Lo I reinstall the os using vanilla method but the results are same sleep is totally broken in mojave, I don't understand what's going wrong "System is waking from sleep but no display output"
  2. After applying you recommended corrections here are the new debug file debug_11606.zip
  3. I successfully installed Mac OS Mojave in Lenovo z51-70, everything is working fine except sleep wake up please check my debug file debug_11944.zip dsdt and config.zip
  4. its not working still facing same issue with apple hda patched kext . The mic input is not clear i mean the mic just started only but not working correctly
  5. Hello Jake I need your help, I am facing problem with my front microphone in hackintosh input levels are not correct when I record something mic input is always at high range and I continually listen a sound which is not produced by me. I request you to please help
  6. Hello friends i can successfully changed advanced bios setting but the problem is i unable to manage to make AMD gpu as primary to make it workable in osx so anyone if know about the setting i need to change in advanced bios menu please contribute here
  7. Hey Naveen can you please explain how you extract this bios or which tool you use . So I can extract latest v bios from bios version 2.02
  8. Hey Jake can you please patch the Applehda 236
  9. It doesn't show input and output device in system preference
  10. Stil not working it dedect all devices in system report but sound output is not working
  11. I rewatch intel gpu kext and now I didn't get kernel panic anymore but the apple hda still not working with your kext I attach my config file so please check it config.zip
  12. Marto I am mac os 10.12 Apple hda is not working at that time So you shoudl wait before installing 10.12 There are many other bug also Once all the things working I will share my clover efi folder so it will help you
  13. Hey jake still I get kernel bactrace error errror from Gpu.
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