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  1. Yeah. Read my previous reply. I was able to boot into macOS. Couldn't dual boot with windows. Also I wasn't able to use my macOS partition. So i wanna know what caused that problem
  2. Yeah. I fixed that. I removed macOS completely though. But I want to know where I went wrong. I couldn't see my partition where I installed macOS. Is that normal or I missed something?
  3. I had been away from home so haven't tried that touchpad but now i can't boot into Windows
  4. Thanks a lot, man. I'm able to boot into macOS from my internal HDD successfully. Now i need help to fix wifi and trackpad click Thanks so much again.
  5. Yes, clover was installed. No error is shown as such. But in the clover bootloader there's no option to boot from the USB.
  6. I'm not able to make a bootable drive. I'm using VMWARE for making the bootable drive. Is that causing problems? Thanks.
  7. thanks for the reply, Jake. how do I repair permissions and rebuild cache.
  8. can anyone help me install macOS Sierra on my lenovo z51-70 i7 laptop? I'm a complete noob regarding this topic so please explain in layman language. thanks
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