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Mojave 10.14.3 (18D109) e7440 i5 no headphone jack audio


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well everything works fine after upgrading to latest Mojave on my Dell E7440 except headphone jack is not outputting anything. (to be honest it probably didn't before the upgrade either.. It was working fine under High Sierra. (been over a year since i used it before upgrading to Mojave late last year due to personal health issues <CANCER> i was forced to take 2018 of University studies so had no real need to use the hackbook.


No i am back at University and wanting to use my external speakers via the headphone jack and i get no sound at all. In the sound settings it switches to Headphones but no audio.


Bluetooth Audio functions fine (i can and have been using that with my powerbeats headphones.Internal speakers also working fine.


any assistance as to what could be the cause of the issue appreciated.


I did have an older codeccommander.kext duplicate in  my SLE folder but i have removed that and rebuilt caches.

I have codeccommander.kext and AppleALC.kext in my LE folder. so i am not sure why the headphone jack is not working :(..


Someone wiser than I may be able to sort it out.. most likely a simple setting.

Attached clover config.plist and my DSDT.aml.


If you need anything else let me know.. Any help muchly appreciated.





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