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  1. Hello, Check well in the folder (Kext other) AppleALC is not present and delete AppleHDA. However you have added a lot of kext that are of no use and can create problems.
  2. Try replacing your Clover folder with this one and check if the USBs are OK. CLOVER.zip
  3. Hi, which kext are you using for audio? If you are using AllpleALC and Lilu they should be updated to the latest version. You can download them by clicking on the kext names.
  4. Update clover to the latest version here and try again.
  5. Before upgrading to Mojave, had you updated clover bootloader to the latest version? I advise you to prepare a bootable USB with the EFI in use but Clover updated then once you start Mojave update the bootloader.
  6. Try this EFI and check if the audio and graphics are OK. EFI.zip
  7. Ok, now I have to leave but if you're there later let's see how to solve the graphic and audio problems.
  8. Hi, I would like to know the version if the CPU is an intel I3 (7100U) because I have configured the GPU in the config.plist consider it to be an HD630 but if you have this processor the GPU is an HD620 and consequently the config must be modified. However you know which GPU you are working with. With OS Windows you can know for sure.
  9. Ok tomorrow let's try to solve here in Italy it's 01.12 am I go to sleep .... Hello!
  10. Have you tested the graphic with this config.plist? Audio I don't think it's a problem to make it work we fix one thing at a time.
  11. To fix the audio you need to replace these files that are not updated, go to the Other folder in the EFI and replace these Kext. Archivio.zip
  12. Try replacing the config, plist file that I posted to you and check the graphics if ok, then let's see if we can fix the audio. config.plist.zip
  13. Delete the Apple folder you don't need, compress and post
  14. Can you post the EFI folder you are using that I want to check?
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