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(Almost) Success - Latitude E6330, minus Audio and USB


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Hello, OSXLatitude. I've come across two minor issues while installing Mojave on my Latitude E6330. I followed this guide and successfully got macOS Mojave 10.14.3 installed, with everything working perfectly, minus two small problems that seem to have stumped me. I'm fairly new to the world of Hackintosh but I can provide any files such as config.plist or EFI folder, anything necessary to fix this.


Problem 1: USB

I've tried using different USBInjectAll kexts, but nothing has solved this. The only USB port that works is the eSATA USB combo port, which also happens to be the only USB 2.0 port on the laptop.


Problem 2: Audio

The guide I followed claims the audio works out of the box, but when I check, it says no input or output devices detected. Pressing the physical volume buttons show a picture of a sound icon with a prohibitory sign under it.


I would greatly appreciate any help with figuring this out, thanks to all who may help!

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