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Mojave on a DELL Precision 7510?? Possible?


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I am a newby and have a question about my Dell Precision 7510. I have received this fine laptop today and was wondering if it is possible to install Mojave on it.


Hardware specs are:  Intel i7 6820 2,7GHZ Cpu, 16 GB DDR4 ram 2133 hertz,  2 video cards, Intel Skylake Graphics 64MB inside and AMD Firepro W5710M GDDR5. 2 GB  memory, 1 SSD 256 GB. and M.2 SSD 256GB drives, 15'6 inch IPS screen 1920x1080 resolution,  Intel WIFI cad 8260 ( 802.110c) Audio card Realtek ALC3235 , 4x USB 3.0 , SD card slot, HDMI output. 


I have visit this site earlier was installed then succesfull a Mac system on a Dell Latitude 620 and 630. 

Hope someone can ( and is willing) or guide me, to help me out with this installation ( if it is possible ) on this laptop.

Thanks in advance.


Gr. rijd 

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Hi Jake Lo,  Thank you very much for your quick reply.

Thus this mean I cannot use the AMD Firepro video card inside the laptop?  That would be disappointing because this is a great video card with a lot of memory and fast memory and I want to use this laptop ( it it works ) for photo and video editing 



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Hi Jake lo first thank you for this. I have a question for you if you must choose between de m4800 or 7510 laptop both with amd firepro video card. What would you choose? I have both laptops and also two topics opened on this site. Please advice 

So then I can focus on one of these laptop 


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Hi , we managed to install Mojave on the Precision 7510.
Used EFI (not included , could not upload it because size is 24MB). 

I used EFI used by ss2sameer in another topic.

The specs 7510 as described are as earlier described in my post 

I added more memory RAM and is now 32 GB
I also added a pci express M.2 Intel SSD 512 GB instead of a regular solid state of 256GB size

Installation went without any problem.

Intel HD Graphics 530 card working Vram memory 1536 MB.
Metal supported
HDMI port working
All 4 usb 3.0 ports working
Display port not tested yet
Audio working (except microphone).
Keyboard lightning working but brightness cannot be adjusted using keyboard keys.

Internal microphone
Intel wifi bluetooth card inserted. Both not working ( Workaround usb wifi en bluetooth usb device) Suggestions for this?
Sleep not working properly , when screen is closed I have to open and close 2 or 3 times and then I have a screen again.
macOS 10.14.5 installed on laptop.
During boot system I get an error message ( picture included ).

It happened after update from 10.14.4 to 10.14.5
If there any solutions for the few errors feel free to tell me

Overall I am very pleased with this hackingtosh laptop
My goal to see if this laptop could be the successor of my MacBook Pro 2009 looks like a success.

Thanks for all previous tips.


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post debug file

Intel wifi are not supported. Replace the device with a supported card like DW1560 or DW1830. 

From your files I see Azul FB loading issue which is strange, Azul FB is for Haswell HD4400/HD4600. Your system should have Skylake HD 530.

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Incomplete info. Please follow instruction from link for debug file.

As for the recommended wifi devices, you'll need 4 kexts:




BrcmFirmwareData.kext  //use BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext if you want it cached in /L/E with BrcmPatchRAM2.kext

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