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Security update 10.13.6 2019-002 stop on reboot


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Hi, mates

I'm trying to update High Sierra to the last version 10.13.6 but It's impossible.

SMBIOS: Macbook pro 11.1

Clover version: 4910 (latest one)

I verbose mode the laptop shows "kext stall[0], (240s): AppleACPICPU" (pic attached)

Thanks in advance.


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Thread moved. Please don't post in the Guides section which is clearly labelled "Guides only, no support" !


Coming back to your predicament:

  1. your disk reports IO errors. You need to look into that, say with Disk Utility having booted your macOS USB installer.
  2. kernelcache/PrelinkedKernel is reported as needing rebuild right before your system hangs. If your disk LED is showing activity, wait several minutes for this rebuild to complete. Failing that, try and boot your USB installer and deletes the cache + PrelinkedKernel folders from Terminal.


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