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need working ethernet upgrading before reboot


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I still have trouble with D430 U7700.


I used SLD430USB.img.bz2 to create the usb pen


Installed A09 OSX bios


After the installation, I can boot into the new os via usb pen But the new os's ethernet not working and I don't know how to upgrade the OS to 10.6.8.


If I skip upgrading and just install the EDP(1.9.2) and the bootloader, It actually cannot let me boot into the new os..


So is there any way that I can move on?


Thanks for your help

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download the update from apple 10.6.8 combo on another machine and put it on the usb as well. once you boot into os then you can run the update pkg and don't let it reboot run the edp 1.9.2 after that repair disk permissions with disk utility then reboot.

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Thanks a lot Bronxteck and Rhyker! Thank you osxlatitude team all for creating such an amazing site. Finally I have a running SL on my D430. Feel so good that I can do Cocoa on D430!


Wireless and Sleep are not working yet. How to I know what kind of wireless card I got?


There was an instuction telling me just do EDP 3 then 7 after the installation of EDP... Now I understand that I have to be very careful about EDP build config, the step 1!, since that's where the fixing drivers etc are specified.

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