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[SOLVED] M6800: Problems with Nvidia Quadro K2200M


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I have a Dell Precision M6800 with two graphics card:

- Intel HD 4600
- Nvidia K2200M

With other models of Nvidia cards I had no problems. Osx detect perfectly, for example with a K3100M. But with this model, Osx High Sierra detect it as "Display" and I can't use my DisplayPort or HDMI for external displays.

Thanks in advance.


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Moved from Guides section to Support! -_- Please ensure you use the correct section for all future posting.


K3100M is Kepler and is therefore expected to work OOB.

K2200M is Maxwell and requires the nVidia Web Driver. It's therefore only supported up to High Sierra.


You also have to take the potential issue of Optimus into account (unsupported on Hackintoshes).

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