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Trung Nguyen

Dell Latitude 7480 - No audio under Mojave 10.14.5

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I am a new comer to Hackintosh. 

I already installed successfully Mojave 10.14.5 with the working function below:

About sound I only can use speaker. I have tried many ways to fix, change AppleALC, Lilu, Commandcoder but I got no luck.

I already tried to copy DSDT.aml from some old post but it make me stuck at panic

Only way I can fixed is in here with ALCPlugFix but when I restarted the laptop, It stuck at panic.



Can I ask more about re-config the layout id by edit by Xcode to modify inject to 13,56 ?

I re-checked with Hackintool but still see layout id 11. I don't know how to modify by clover configuration, it make panic stuck when I tried to edit from clover>device>properties (layout id 13 with data type)

Please can you take a look to help ?


Many thanks


Work almost all:

CPU stepping

Touchpad with 2 finger gestures

Fn function work

Screen brightness

Sound (only speaker work, headphone show when plug but no sound). 


Battery level/status


Not work:

Sound ( headphone, HDMI sound( I am using Sony Playstation 23" CECH-ZED1U-PB-R))



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you should change data type to number and use 13 or 56,

Your config has 2 injections, 56 and 11.

you can remove the injection  under  properties and just use injections under Audio


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Inject Audio 13 or 56 and remove layout-id key


or Inject to No, and set layout-id value type to number, change properties value to 13 or 56



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Many thanks for your help. I changed the layout id to 56,13 the headphone just piiiiii piiiii.

I changed to 28, it appear both speaker and headphone but still no sound. 

I have attached the kexts and patched below:




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Make sure you have CodecCommander.kext in /L/E

and get rid of cloverHDA.kext.

you can try 5 and 21 as well


Note: No need to quote me on every reply.

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