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unable to get IGPU working: Dell E7440 i7 8GB 256SSD 1080p with Touch


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Device Information


Dell E7440 I7 4600U 

8GB Ram

Display 1920x1080 with Touch

Bios A25


I've spent a day looking through the forums trying to get this device to work properly starting with getting the installer to work and now gettin graphics to be detected properly. I have tested all of the bootpacks provided and guides with no luck I if anyone has this same machine and has a graphics fix for Mojave I would really appreciate some guidance on how to get it to show more than 7mb of ram..


I have attached my clover folder keep in mind this is what I am currently using to boot. the issue I am having right now is it will hang for about a minute then give me a igup stall error. 


I also asume dsdt is diferent for every machine because although I've tried may different versions the device will refuse to sleep when I close the lid. however that is not a big issue my concern is gettin graphics to work.


if more information is needed please feel free to let me know exactly what you need and I will provide.



I will buy you a beer if you can hel[ me figure out what is wrong.



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hey Jake thank you for the swift reply unfortunately this does boot but does not solve the issue. my particular machine was quite troublesome to even get to boot and get osx installed. I had to resort to the niersh build to get a vanilla boot. your hot patch unfortunately did not work. 

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