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D630, intel, broadcom (changed the intel one) wont install Lion - No HPETS message kernel panic


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Hope you can help.


Made drive with unifail.


Domnloaded "pack" and copied Extra to USB.


Boots with -v and -v -x with no issues until Kernel panic - No HPETS.


Any clues?


Earlier Hack built from D430 and premade image for SL no problem - changed intel card for broadcom and all now works on the 430. Cant get the 630 past the HPETS - am I doing something silly?


Is there a premade image for the 630? It was easy on the 430.



Have fully purchased SL disk and Lion app store download.


Hope you can help.


Adrian Jones

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Hi blueadrian...


Can you give more details on the message after kernel panic?


I think it may have to do with the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext being loaded but need to see the full KP message.


Did you try to use the -f boot option? It will bypass the kext caches and load only relevant kexts.



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