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DW1395 wifi card working with Broadcom43XX kexts [SOLVED]


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I bought a couple DW1395 cards off ebay really cheap, thinking they'd work out of the box like the 1390. But no go. They absolutely would not be recognized under Snow Leopard in a D620, D430 and D420.


I didn't have the time to try rebranding. Luckily I found some Broadcom kexts on the web at osx86.net. These are the Broadcom43XXFamily kexts and they work perfectly with the DW1395. Once I installed them, I rebooted and the card was recognized immediately and connected automatically.


I don't know if it's appropriate to post the link, but the download is at osx86.net. There are two files, I installed the Broadcom43XXFamily (not the rev2) kexts.


Placed file Broadcom43XXFamily.kext in /Extra/Extensions, ran Kext Wizard, rebooted and everything worked.

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