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New member question advice please thanks


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Hello I am new to all this so please bear with me, I am currently looking to buy a used Dell D630 to install OSX , I am thinking of going for the 2.2 option, here in the UK I'm looking at approx £150 for a stock model without Bluetooth , I need access to snow leopard or lion to run a paid for app which won't run on my IBM G5 power pc.


My questions are this


Can I use my G5 to format the Flash drive ( it only runs up to 10.5.8 ) nothing more, or do I need access to a computer running 10.6 ? , which I unfortunately haven't got.


Is an Intel based graphics D630 preferable to N Vidia ?


Is it easy to put in a larger hard disc drive and double the RAM


Anyone in the Uk done this successfully bad could help me out thanks.

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