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Dual Partition - OSX 10.6.7 SL and 10.7.3 Lion


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I have the First Partition installed with OSX 10.6.7 SL and is working very well.

However, I also like to try Lion. So I have just finished the Lion installation (using MyHack USB stick )

onto the 2nd partition (to keep the 10.6.7 SL partition safe).


I have not install EDP 2.2 nor Chameleon to the new Lion partition yet.


The question is:


1. Do I have to run EDP 2.2 to create the Extra Folder in Lion partition ?

Or can I just copy the Extra folder from 10.6.7 SL partition to 10.7.3 partition ?


2. Do I have to install Chameleon to Lion partition ?

(I know that there is an option to select the Lion partition when boot because Chameleon is

already installed in the First 10.6.7 SL partition.)


Any suggestions ?

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1) yes, otherwise your Dell hardware won't be fully recognised. I would run it from EDP.


2) no. But you have to reinstall Chameleon, for it to pickup the second install. However not quite sure about this. Give it a try :-P and let us know.


Thank You For your suggestion.

I have installed EDP 2.2 onto the Lion Partition., and when I try to boot into Lion from Chameleon,

my D630 just re-boot into the Chameleon boot selection screen.


Then I installed Chameleon into the Lion Partition, but the result is still the same.

My D630 just keep rebooting when I try to start on the Lion partition.


Any one got comment on this ?

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sounds like your boot loader is corrupted. try the boot loader install from my hack 2.2

I have installed chameleon and extra using myHack 2.2 to the Lion Partition, but still cannot boot into Lion from the hard drive. But I notice the following:


1. I can boot the Lion Partition using the MyHack 2.2 USB installation stick.

2. The version of Chameleon in MyHack 2.2 is newer than the previous Chameleon installed in SL 10.6.7 (which I downloaded from another thread from Simeonoff )


3. If I boot from hard disk, I can boot into SL 10.6.7 without problem, but if I select to startup Lion partition, the D630 just keep rebooting.


Now the Question:

A. Do I have to use the same version of chameleon in both partition ?


B. If I have to reinstall chameleon ( in both partition ? ), will that affect the settings in Extra folder ?

If it does, can I just make a copy of the Extra folder and copy the settings back ? (I notice the Extra

folder settings are different in Lion and SL )?


C. When I check the log file of chamemeon installation, it mention something like boot0.

How does chameleon works and what are these boot0, boot1 files and how these affect my system, do I have

to re-install these as well ?

Any comment will be appreciated.

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chameleon gets installed usually to the first mac os partition which would be the partition you originally installed the boot loader too, not on every partition. also use the newer version and make sure the Boot.plist is named org.chameleon.Boot.plist. yes the extra folders do differ from 10.6 and 10.7

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Chameleon is a two stage boot loader (if i'm not mistaken). boot0 is installed inside the master boot record and boot1 is installed inside the boot sector of the os x partition. Basically, when you start up the laptop, the bios will boot the boot0 (aka mbr), boot0 will boot the boot1 (aka boot sector) and finally boot1 will boot the boot file (i'm guessing this file boots the mach_kernel and do all the EFI injections) in the root directory. These files are automatically installed by the chameleon installer.



You only need to install chameleon once. If you install the new osx partition after the old osx partition, you don't need to install chameleon on the new os partition. Chameleon can access boot1 and boot from the old osx partition and give you the option to boot the new osx partition.


However, if you install the new os before the old os, from my experience, chameleon will always look for the first os x partition it can find. And if there is no Extra, it will still start the boot loader but no pretty gui and dsdt & com.chameleon.Boot.plist is not loaded. You'll need to copy or install just /Extra to the new osx partition (copy or using EDP).


My guest is because you install a second chameleon on the new osx partition, the boot0 is confused which boot1 to boot or maybe boot1 is confused which boot file to boot and hence it will always boot the first one it finds.


I guest when you boot from usb, it will boot boot0, boot1 and boot from the usb and chameleon will load mach_kernel in any os x partition you select.


Phewss.. Did I got my cause and effect analysis right there... ;)



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