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Trackpoint on 7490


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Hi all, 
I come with maybe stupid question, but I'm not so advanced in macOS and it's drivers. I had a problem with DW1820A and I was looking for proper address for this card by gfxutil. Problem with WiF is solved by replacing it on DW1830 (working very good also on two antennas xD ), but I saw interesting thing. Since Only touchpad working properly, I was thinking how TrackPoint is connected inside. In gfx util it looks like 4 devices are on the same hub (if I'm wrong, tell me). How is that possible that we can see 4 devices, but only one is working? I attached screen shoot from gfxutil. Can someone explain how it is working? Maybe it is possible to map somehow this TrackPoint?  It would to be very nice to having it also working :) 

BTW, @Herve, with your configuration on AUDIO, audio jack not working properly, when I plug in headphones, or Line out, it is recognized in system, but no sound thru the jack. Only built-in speakers working and HDMI Audio. I also connect D600 Dell dock station, and both Line-In connector and Headphones? working OOB. Layout change will help? 


Zrzut ekranu 2019-09-15 o 19.10.37.png

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