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9 cell extended batteries


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Hi I have a D620 with Lion installed all working great thanks to all the great info on osxlatitude. So many thanks first :-)


The D620 I bought didn't have a great battery so I sought a new (non genuine) extended one from ebay. I bought one of these:




But sent the first one back and had a replacement as after battery life got to just below 50% it would dramatically drop to nearly empty (it was charged and discharged fully several times and I used xbattery app to plot the life of the battery).


The new one is the same (only charged and discharged a couple of times up to now).


Has anyone had a similar issue? It's not something to do with MAC OSX or the kext or build due to it being a hackintosh?


I suspect it's just because it's a non genuine cheap battery but interested to hear anyone else's opinion.


Thanks in advance

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received my genuine second hand Dell extended battery and got my refund on the new cheap copy one - world of difference :-) The second hand one only cost me a couple of quid more as well - so beware the cheap ones (but have to admit and seller was very accommodating, provided a replacement very quickly and when that was no good they refunded the item as soon as I shipped it back and they refunded the return postage)

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