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DELL Latitude E6420 High Sierra screen freeze after idle state


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Hi all!


Yesterday my e6530's mobo died... So then I got a e6420, installed successfully.

Now my problem is after I leave it alone for about 10 minutes, the screen freezes. Mouse pointer works, caps lock light switches when pushing its button, hdd led shows activity.


System specs: Lat E6420, i5 2520m Intel HD3000 VGA only, 12 GB ram, bios a23, OS 10.13.6 with latest security update.


Attached my debug log.


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Your setup is incorrect in many aspects.


1) Injected kexts:

  • remove AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement. I can only presume it's a pre-patched kext and that's not required with Clover since it patches this on the fly
  • remove AppleBacklightinjector kext; you should not need this with Lilu + WhateverGreen (WEG)
  • remove USB_injector kext; totally useless since it's setup for MBP8,2 when you use MBP8,1 SMBIOS. Use Rehabman's USBInjectAll instead or generate your own SSDT-UIAC table or USBPorts kext with Hackintool app
  • remove DisableTurboBoostBattery unless you really want no CPU Turbo Boost when running on battery (it affects performance quite seriously)
  • BrcmPatchRAM2 and CodecCommander kexts don't normally inject through Clover; these typically require to be cached, preferably from /L/E
  • Ideally, copy all your add-on kexts to /L/E, repair permissions and rebuild your cache; caching kexts is much better than injecting them, it's the way drivers are meant to be used.


2) Clover config (use Clover Configurator app to modify):

ACPI section

  • clear DropOEM and PluginType; you're dropping SSDTs CpuPm + Cpu0Ist and injecting your i5-2520M specific SSDT for CPU power management and that's all your need

Boot section

  • remove kext-dev-mode=1; it does not do any harm but that's an obsolete parameter that was only required for Yosemite...

GUI section

  • I'm not sure you really use that Custom Entry of yours; it says "UEFI internal" but E6x20 don't usually boot OS X/macOS with BIOS in UEFI mode. If you operate in BIOS legacy mode, this Custom Entry should go. It seems disabled anyway...

Graphics section

  • clear Inject Intel and ig-layout-id; they're not required with Lilu + WEG and your DSDT already injects this too!

Kernel & Kexts Patches section

  • clear KernelPm patch; that's for Haswell platform and beyond; not applicable to your Sandy Bridge laptop which uses AICPUPM kext for CPU power management
  • remove all AppleHDA patches; obsolete and useless since you're using Lilu + AppleALC
  • remove IOGraphicsFamily patch; it's the wrong patch for High Sierra and it's obsolete anyway with Lilu + WEG
  • remove AppleBacklight patch; it's useless once you've removed the backlight injector kext as advised above
  • NB: it's disabled but the VRAM patch you've entered does not increase VRAM from 512MB to 1024MB but to 1536MB

System Parameters section

  • set kexts injection to Detect


3) Hibernation:

Once all the above is done, check your hibernation status and disable it as detailed in the dedicated thread available in our FAQ section.


4) BIOS settings:

Check your BIOS parameters and adjust if necessary according to the recommended settings; these are available in a dedicated thread at the top of this very E6xxx support forum section.



If in doubt of anything, check this guide. It's for the E6220 but 99% (if not 100%) relevant to the other HD3000-only E6x20 models.

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HD3000 is far from being a great iGPU and it's not bug free after Yosemite. Did you apply the 512MB to 2GB VRAM patch at all? You could try that.

How are CPU SpeedStep and CPU T°? Did you check your logs?


The only thing I missed was your USB controller renaming (EHCx to EH0x) being disabled. You could re-enable that in the ACPI section of your Clover config but I doubt it'll make a difference unless you're using some external USB device. 

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You can monitor CPU speed and T° with HWMonitor app. It's available with any recent/latest copy of FakeSMC package you download. Eg: Rehabman's.

HWmonitor.png HWMonitor_#2.png HWMonitor_#3.png HWMonitor_#4.png HWMonitor_#5.png


Then, there is Intel's own Power Gadget tool.


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