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  1. As Jake Lo's guide says, e6x30 models BIOS should not exceed BIOS version A11. My E6530 was on A12, and I did not have any graphic problems. So you should downgrade to a lower level bios from A20. "Downgrade to A02/A03 and then upgrade to A11 if it has exceeded: E6x30, E5x30" Hervé: E6530 has Ivy Bridge CPU.
  2. I will reenable that patch with acpi renames. How can i log speedstep for cpu? The freezing temp was around 80 Celsius.
  3. Thanks for the detailed checklist! Done all of your mentions, hope it solves my problem. Update: system still freezes the same way. plus more info: all the times when system freeze occured got high cpu usage, because of photos app background process.
  4. Hi all! Yesterday my e6530's mobo died... So then I got a e6420, installed successfully. Now my problem is after I leave it alone for about 10 minutes, the screen freezes. Mouse pointer works, caps lock light switches when pushing its button, hdd led shows activity. System specs: Lat E6420, i5 2520m Intel HD3000 VGA only, 12 GB ram, bios a23, OS 10.13.6 with latest security update. Attached my debug log. debug_5415.zip
  5. Hi all! As title says, I have successfully installed latest public beta of Catalina. Almost everything works, except screensaver, it lags very heavy. Also my image library conversion was very slow, and the animations were also laggy. Attached my debug log. I got my dw1510 wifi to work by copying io802Family.kext from Mojave to my /e/c/K/10.15 folder. As of Catalina-s io802family.kext is missing its AirPortBrcm4331.kext.
  6. here is my clover folder. hope it can helps. one more thing, with Hackintool I can see the wifi device in pci list.
  7. Soon i will arrive home, will upload my efi.
  8. Its strange, I have tried last time today, and I cannot get it to work. Does it work oob? Or am I missed something?
  9. I hope I'm writing in the good place, i think Catalina dropped support for my best budget card. My cards subsystem id is 14e4:432b.
  10. As in the title, I have latitude e6530 with dw1510 wifi. My problem is when I attach two monitors onto it, then closes the lid, my wifi bandwidth drops from 50 MBit/s to 7-8 MBit/s download speed, with upload speed, there aren't any problems. Can somebody help me what can cause this? My detailed specs are in my signature.
  11. modified as you wrote, restarted system, sadly no change.
  12. okay now I have copied all of the kexts from /e/c/k/o to /l/e, then removed fakesmc with its plugins from /e/c/k/o, modified config.plist with clover configurator to kext injection to detect then with the kext utility.app I have repaired permissions and rebuilt cache, then restarted. Now the same thing happens, dvd-player app immediately crashes, iTunes drm content gives sound with green screen, also in safari not working. I got noticable performance improvement in ui after changing kexts load from inject to cache(or it is just some illusion). Generated a new debug, attached below.
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