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E6430: how I can control fan speed?


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There is no new tool for this beyond what existing many years ago and it's not really useable any more with today's macOS versions. There are no readily available ACPI patches either.


This being said, I have a Latitude E6230 and I can't say I hear the fan much except, occasionally, when I'm doing something that's CPU intensive and pushes it in Turbo mode for some extended time.


Now the fan goes on for a reason so what you can do is use HWMonitor to keep an eye on your CPU T° (assuming you use FakeSMC and its sensor plugins rather than VirtualSMC) and renew the thermal paste on the CPU/under the CPU heatsink. It dries up after a few years and our E6x30 aren't the freshest thing around any more. You've no idea how much good this can do!

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