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PLZ Help with kexts on 5480


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Today i’ve installed mojava(10.14.1)on my dell laptop i7 hd520.., i have problems with:


(booting - sometimes its restarting and i need to boot few times)



Graphic (its shows only 7mb of memory)

Theres no bluetooth

When im trying to adjust brightness of the screen its freezin

No battery in the system 


Have someone kexts to disable nvidia?


I have nvidia 930 - its possible to replace it and add a radeon?



Could someone help me with kexts? 

Thank you!

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No, Optimus is not supported in Hackintosh. Better have it disabled to preserve battery life

Here, replace contents into /EFI/Clover

What wifi/BT device does it have?

FYI, Intel is not supported. Will need to be replace with a supported device like DW1560, DW1830 or DW1820a with minimum patching and kexts.


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Now i have problem with it.. 


Theres "no such a file or directory" respond in the terminal 😕 


And now i think command in terminal is working (is trying to download something - but no internet/aborted) with this pack you send i dont have ethernet, after instalation i had i dont know its kext or config.plist? 😕 

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