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z270 clover couldn't allocate runtime area problems


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hello. i finally managed to install and boot mac os high sierra on my 7700k rig but i still get some problems wich doent seem mac os or kext related.


8 out of 10 times i get clover couldn't allocate runtime area error before the actual os bootup. i read that changing to OsxAptioFix2Drv-free2000.efi would fix this but so far no change yet.. i just need to keep rebooting the system 2 to 3 times till it continues on

i'll continue swapping drivers but not sure if i need something else..

clover is setup to uefi boot only and i installed the latest version 


at this point i'm stuck and waiting for some input from other users..

this is the specs of my rig 

motherboard is a msi z270 gaming m7

with a core i7 7700k cpu

with 32 gb of ddr4 ram

a gtx 1070 (hence why high sierra)

install drive is a 1tb hdd


i have attached a picture and a screenshot of the error and efi drivers in my clover configuration..





thank you alot in advance for the help


Screenshot 2020-01-27 at 13.39.52.png

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