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Locking up on 10.7.3


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Has anyone else had lockups where the mouse still moves, but everything else on the desktop freezes up completely (even the clock)?


I notice it happens when i have several tabs open in Chrome when i'm reading long forum threads. it's happened at least 10 times now. i've done a memory test with memtest86+ and it passed, so i don't think it's the ram. everything else in the system did work fine in Windows Vista until i upgraded (only had a single BSOD).


Only thing I have really done is apply the combo update. could it be happening because of that? if anyone else has had this please tell me, so i know whether its my hardware or something OS-based.


I have the Intel GMA X3100, not the Nvidia. Also currently have 2gb ram.

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could be... repair your permissions with disk utility... apple updates make a mess of em.



Dear total,


Repairing permission is good maintenance practice for your system :rolleyes:





repairing permissions didn't help, i just had another lockup. i have had 2 different sets of RAM now, so it can't be that. i'm at a loss now. is this something to do with OS X or with the hardware?

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